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"~~% Happy Birthday D.O~~"


Happy BD DO 21

D.O. Profile:

Birthname: Do Kyung Soo (Korean: 도경수; Hanja: 都暻秀)

Stage Name: D.O (Korean: 디오)

Birthday: January 12 1993 in Goyang, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea.

Height: 173 cm

Speciality: Singing, Beat Box, Impersonate

Recruited into S.M via: 2010 S.M. Casting System

Position: Main Vocalist

Nicknames: Orchestra Boy The Pop Out Eyes, Umma D.O., EXO’s Umma, Pororo

  • After winning in a singing competition, he was cast into S.M. Entertainment through the S.M. Casting System in 2010.D.O. was formally introduced as a member on January 30, 2012.


1. D.O., born January 12 1993, with birth name Do Kyung Soo

2. According to a Chinese magazine’s review, D.O has a lot of anti fans in China already.

The anti fans issue was caused by an untruth rumour about M1 members (the planned name before EXO), since D.O still having his training days. The rumour said that when TVXQ held a concert, M1 members were playing their PSPs instead of watching their seniors. So the angry Cassies start to hating M1 (as we know Cassies are the most loyal fans in history) But somehow, the rumour only pointed towards D.O. and Suho, although the rumour is not true.

3. D.O. is obssessed with cleaning! His things will always be tidy organized. He sorts anything as its colors, brands, and type.

Sehun: “D.O. is. When you go to his room and open up all his drawers, I guarantee you you’ll find everything neatly piled and organized. He even sorts his shirts by color and by type. Ah, well this isn’t to say that the rest of are unclean. We’re all pretty good with keeping our things organized, but D.O. is the cleanliest.”

4. In EXO’s dorm, Kai is D.O.’s room mate.

5. D.O. is the member who is in duty of cooking. Fans now starting to calls him as EXO’s umma (mother in Korea)

Kai: rdquo;D.O. is actually in charge of cooking most of the time.”

6. D.O. also wanted to be a chef.

7. D.O. was founded by SM in the year 2010.

8. D.O.’s parents are supporting their child a lot when D.O. decided to be a singer.

9. Little D.O. has taken many vocal course.

10. D.O. said that someday he wil be a hair stylist or fashion designer for EXO, but when he said that, all members answered, “No,
thanks”. LOL

11. Lay’s first thought obout D.O. was “He is cold and doesn’t talk a lot. But after knowing him better, he is someone who is kind and
cheerful. And he sings well.”

12. D.O. is very close to Kai. They were caught in many talking together by camera.

13. D.O. is one of the shortest member along with Suho, Xiumin, and Chen.

14. For now, D.O. is the image of EXO-K along with Kai and Sehun.

15. The time when D.O didn’t understand what Lay was talking about when Lay describe him in Chinese and his eyes were going to “pop out”.

16. Do Kyung Soo, Do is his surname, and in Korean Kyung means “Longitude”, Soo means “LUCK”

17. When D.O. gets nervous, he will forget everything easily.

Like in their most first interview in Inkigayo, D.O. who was in charge to greet their fans was forgot his line, and Suho must help him
there. And D.O. was just laughing so cutely.

18. D.O. is the fanboy of f(x).

19. D.O.’s favorite color is black, his fave food is spaghetti, and his fave movie genre is fantasy movies.

20. D.O. has a three years older hyung (older brother), which is now in his military years.

21. D.O. said he was a very calm and quiet boy back to his high school days, because he doesn’t want his friends to find out about the
SM ent. things.

22. D.O. once wrote that Pororo resembles him so much.

23. D.O. will be nagging to the other EXO members the time he found the dorm in mess because of the boys’ clothes lie around the floor.

24. D.O. entered SM Entertainment in the same day as Luhan, that’s why he is close to Luhan too.

25. D.O. has a really good english pronunciation!

26. D.O.’s favorite song is Travis McCoy’s “Billionaire”

27. D.O. doesn’t call Chanyeol as “hyung”, because Chanyeol wants D.O. to be his close friend.

28. Suho likes to come inside D.O.’s room, but right after Kai came in, Suho will take his leaving right away.

29. D.O. once promised Luhan that he will study Mandarin more harder and Luhan just laughed.

30. D.O.’s role model is Yoo Young Jin while he is giving U-Know Yunho a lot of respects.

31. Jino and D.O. are close friends.

32. D.O. attended the same high school as BtoB Lim Hyunsik, they are close friends too.

33. Kai has a huge appetite, so D.O. will always keeps some high-calorie snacks in his bag.

34. Suho likes to go into D.O.’s room and chat with him but he will get thrown out by Kai every time he does that

35.  At the dorm, Kai would hide D.O.’s clothes and make him look for it, and D.O. would smacks Kai as a habit.

36. D.O. was an ulzzang back to his childhood days, because he has that big eyes and small chin.

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