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Create Your Smart Style
thanks to SM for making great CF with BIG COMPANY SAMSUNG!!
and great idea for making EXO as Ambassador of the notebook, yeeeeeaaaah!!! XD
huaaah, i can't hold my feelings!!
it's really awesome!!


Suho the Leader:
Chanyeol & Sehun,              D.O & Baekhyun :
tumblr_mdh6puHKOe1r2kj20o6_250 tumblr_mdh630gnKb1ql9xc9o4_250
and, my Lord KAI:
tumblr_mdk337ixyQ1qhfgglo2_250 tumblr_mdk337ixyQ1qhfgglo3_250

tumblr_mdk337ixyQ1qhfgglo4_250 tumblr_mdk337ixyQ1qhfgglo5_250

tumblr_mdk337ixyQ1qhfgglo6_250 tumblr_mdk337ixyQ1qhfgglo8_250


Create Your Smart Style - EXO K

(It’s the freedom) You gotta grab it if you don't take it down!
Free the power! And show your ability. You got no doubt!

(United power) Together as we’ll maintain control
You better wake up!
Get ready be a second to none!

(the lyric is only from my own listening.. and English is not my mother language)

I really love the lyric, really good for gain our spirit! (^^)b, i remember some Linkin Park soul, or Fort Minor, yeah!!!
I LOVE your rap, Chanyeol & your voice, D.O !!!!
Their English is really good!! (>/////<)/
And also my Kai, gyaaaaaaa, your dance absolutely awesome!!!
of course Green (hair) Sehun, Leader Suho & Great Baekhyun are also beautiful !!
I hope they will release the album ASAP!! i can't wait another surprise!!! (> v <)


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